Who is kdev?


If you’ve arrived here, there is probably a reason. I doubt you just stumbled across my page here on the internet randomly. So with that being said, I’m sure someone or something sent you here for a reason. Probably to look for more shit to complain on the internet about. Right? Well, congratulations. You’ve found me. Now you can say all the shit you want, right here, without fear of retribution and anonymity from the rest of the web.

So, who am I? Who is kdev?

Absolutely nobody. An internet personality. A fucking username in cyber-space. Stop making it more than it is. If you get offended easily, you aren’t going to like me.

So just -click here-

So, I’ve written some books. Directed some weird videos. Designed a million graphics and logos and album covers. Made years upon years of secret music that almost nobody has or is allowed to hear. I’ve created a bunch of websites over the years. I take some pictures here and there. I’m into cyberwarfare. I’m a media and political analyst. I’m also a sports writer for the UFC and the Browns. I’m a Generation 7 NASCAR consultant. I make bold predictions, mostly in sports. I can play any instrument. And of course I write here and run this little website for my online persona. But most of all, I’m an American patriot…

What is the point of kdev.us?

My own private Idaho. You dickheads have facebook and twitter destroyed. So I had to make my own shit. It will continue to evolve as it has for almost 20 years now. There is nothing exciting here. Just my blathering. It’s me archiving myself. Now how fucking boring and sad is that? So yeah, boring. Leave. Believe it or not people on the internet like to keep tabs on shit that I say and do (on the internet.) Even sadder. But I’ll sometimes post some articles. Maybe some images. Maybe some music. You just never fucking know about me. I’m certainly not here to please or cater to you. This is my archive. I’m taking it with me. Maybe if I bump my head (or you smash me over the head) I may wake up and never remember my own glory. So they can maybe point me here and I can marvel over my internet awards and achievements. The accolades the internet has afforded me are endless. Just ask and I’ll show you my internet hall of fame pics and trophy room consisting of thousands of banned account screenshots on every platform imaginable. Yeah, I know, a real American hero.

Why are you so mean?

Look, I’m not mean, I’m honest. I believe in basic constitutional rights and freedoms. Number one being The First Amendment. It’s OK to make fun of people. Everything has limits. Use your brain. If you have dumb questions you can ask me anything, here or here.

More soon…