Sometimes, You Have To Figure It Out Yourself…

Jetpack and Discord were giving me problems. The folks at Automatic (WordPress) were lost as well as to what was wrong with my connection between the WP Desktop software app and my jetpack powered WP site. GitHub is a fucking nerd haven where they don’t even speak english. I hate those people. When I was an IT guy, I dreamed everyday of beating the shit out of these people. So I figured it out myself. Who gives a shit. Fucking wordpress desktop app.

I was recently banned from a specific discord server for being accused of being some troll that I have no idea the fuck even is. Funny though, but I didn’t realize these cocksuckers ban via IP, so I made a new account and server, set everything up, and boom, “you’re still banned.” Hahaha. Oh well.

Can you believe this Mueller shitshow in America playing out on Twitter? #Trump2020

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