More Terrible: The UFC or Bubba Wallace?

Want to see how predictable the UFC has become? I would hate to be a legitimate sports writer with deadlines to meet in the UFC media hub. There isn’t shit to write about unless you enjoy writing columns about Cyborg confronting Uncle Dana… yawn. Remember a year or so ago when Conor was throwing dollies through bus windows? You probably should miss those days now. This isn’t the latest card I watched. I just finished Carmouche vs. Schevchenko and it was to say the least, absolutely abhorrent. I started watching UFC on a smaller screen to the side of my main workspace now, rather than on my primary displays. I can’t sit there for hours watching this trash anymore. There are few and far between good fights.

Bubba Wallace does not belong in NASCAR’s premier three series. I’m not going to go on a big rant, because you and I don’t give a shit about NASCAR or Bubba Wallace. But this dude is running in the premier motorsports team in the galaxy… Richard Petty Motorsports. For some reason Petty I think believed in him running the flagship 43. Not based on any real results or driving capability. He’s a smug, arrogant, horrible driver. Petty believed it would lead to real legacy and an upholding of the heritage that NASCAR’s most famed car has built over four decades. Instead it has been an utter disaster and a crime that there are other legitimate drivers in other series such as K&N, ARCA, NGOTS, NXS, MENCS, and even lower levels that deserve the ride MUCH more than Bubba Wallace does. He’s a danger on the track anyhow. Wanna argue that he’s a shitty driver? Check out the pictures and video below.


Bubba gets a free pass. I think we all know why. Dare anyone say it.

Also, If you’re interested, please watch on youtube, the BUBBA WALLACE CRASH COMPILATION


Football season begins!…

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