#MAGA Keeps Winning!

Colby Covington defeated Robbie Lawler at UFC Fight Night. In attendance were Donald Trump, Jr., and Eric Trump. Part of the first family was there to support Covington, who handily destroyed the seasoned veteran Lawler in a 5-round 50-45 bout. Lawler looked like a shell of his former self. No real power shots. No agression. I knew after round one, when he shrugged off Colby’s first round performance with a “not bad” look on his face, that he was indeed, crusing through this one.

And that’s precisely what Lawler did, cruised to the end. It’s not the Robbie we’ve seen in wars past with the likes of Nate Diaz or Rory McDonald. Now, here’s the thing, Covington is going to need a lot more boxing to be considered in my opinion the #1 in the division and capable of multiple title defenses. His cardio is strong as anyones in the division. I think Covington has some work to do, but the potential is there for him to Make Welterweight Great Again.

So, who can write today, without mentioning the two mass shootings. I love that terminology, mass shooting. When someone shoots up a church, do we call it a mass mass shooting? 20 dead in El Paso. 9 more in Ohio. The last 24 hours have seen some of the worst violence we can witness. It’s desensitizing us isn’t it? Slowly we’re becoming numb to shock situations. The videos coming out of the scene used to shock and send waves through the country. Now, there are websites dedicated to the collecting of clips from body armor cameras of police officers and helmet cameras of mass shooters. Forever archived. Because, entertainment and posterity, you know…

Isn’t that ulimately what these events are all about anyhow? A lack of attention to someone incapable of controlling their own emotions? Seeking attention. Basically, a fucking crybaby that didn’t get slapped by his parents enough or have his ass kicked in the real world enough. Mentally ill.

Which brings me to my next point. Meet, “the rye guy” Ryan Young, a Yahoo! News reporter who is incessantly “snowflaking.” Go ahead and watch him squeeze out tears trying to report on Colby Covington’s defeat over Robbie Lawler: –click here

My favorite quote: “Despite the fallout from the mass shooting in Texas, Trump then took time to call Covington after his win, too.”

I mean it’s like he’s not allowed to do anything, in Ryan’s mind, outside of focusing all his attention and resources on the mass shooting. I don’t know. These snowflakes are just looking for any reason to bash and associate blame to Trump via their positions in the media. It’s pretty sad.


MMMAGA! Make MMA Great Again…

A quick perusal of ‘Rye Guy’s articles garners these nuggets of social justice:


Yeah, I know, I said racist instead of racism…

So here I sit, writing. And here you sit, reading, DESPITE starving children that are dying across the globe…  Next musing: Rye Guy Sheds A Tear.


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